Peer Support

After a stroke of fate, you may be faced with a new situation that challenges you to reconsider the way you have lead your life until now. Our Peer Support Program is there to help you find your way.

There are some events in life that change everything. The sudden confrontation with a disability or an illness may make us feel helpless. From one day to the next, life seems to have come to an end. Our Peer Support offers you the possibility to be accompanied by people who have gone through similar experiences and who know what you are going through.

Get active!

Peers help you to find your way again. They have faced the same challenges as you are facing. They have also gone through deep valleys and climbed them again. Gradually, they have learned to live with their disabilities and to lead an autonomous and fulfilling life. Peers know how you and your family feel right now.

MyHandicap Peers are there for you. They can answer your questions, to which non-disabled people may not be able to answer. And since our Peers lead a satisfied and fulfilled life, they can provide positive motivational insights into a possible future and help you change your hopelessness into courage.

For the time being, this service is available only in Switzerland and Germany. However, if you wish to talk to a person who has gone through a similar situation, we will be happy to try to find a suitable person for you locally or put you into e-mail contact with one of our Peers. Get in touch with us!