News about handicap and chronic illness


Friday, July 7. 2017

The MyHandicap Foundation has launched the project MyBUDDY – MyCHANCE. This project aims at supporting parentless children and to open them doors that might otherwise be closed.

The underlying concept of MyBUDDY – MyCHANCE leans on the traditional model of sponsorship. Buddies engage themselves to offer as much time and attention to a child as the situation allows.

Buddies come into action in situations where a child may not have a family environment that provides him or her with the possibility of having a constant relationship. Based on the needs of the child, a suitable Buddy will be chosen in the social vicinity of the child. This can be a single person, a couple or even a whole family.

We believe that unaccompanied minors and children in homes or institutions need to be actively integrated, which is made possible with the help of a "Buddy".

We will post information on our web portal about the progress of this project on a regular basis.