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Circle for Responsible Leadership

Tuesday, February 28. 2017

Logo of the Circle for Responsible Leadership

The Circle for Responsible Leadership has officially launched its website with the start of the new year.

A group of leadership personalities from the fields of economics, science, medicine, NGOs, sport and church organizations have set up the Circle for Responsible Leadership. Their aim is to promote and standardize the responsible management of governing bodies, not only from an economic point of view, but also taking social and ecological concerns in consideration. A growing number of management executives, when making an important decision, are faced with the following questions: does this decision have implications for me alone, of for others too? For today only, or for the future as well?

On the one hand, the Circle provides platforms that contribute to the discussion of complex and innovative issues – on the other hand, it aims at setting up guidelines for a responsible management on the background of current changes.

New homepage for the Circle for Responsible Leadership

Interview with Albert Frieder, initiator of the Circle and CEO of MyHandicap