MyHandicap also offers help to set up international country organisations. Kenya is the first organisation in Africa to go online.


26% of persons with disabilities experience discrimination in the workplace


In cybathlon, pilots complete everyday tasks with the help of state-of-the-art assistance systems.


As patronage of the CYBATHLON, we are especially looking forward to the 2020 competition.


As we all know the educational community is getting more and more diverse. It has all started in 1954 with the Brown vs. Board of Education case when segregated schools...


The International Disability Alliance has launched a Hub-page to share the most recent updates on the COVID19. The aim of IDA is to support a disability-inclusive...


Families of individuals with special needs face particularly big challenges. How can they cope with the coronavirus pandemic and its reprecussions? An international...


The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted lives across the globe. While everyone is feeling the stress of disrupted routines, these sudden and dramatic changes can be especially...


The coronavirus is currently the dominant topic worldwide. The virus can be particularly dangerous for chronically ill people. Here you will therefore find an overview...


People with obesity are constantly shamed and blamed for their disease. This is because many people - including doctors, policymakers, and others - do not understand...