To sit behind the wheel (again)

Whoever wants to obtain a driving licence must even under “normal” circumstances overcome some obstacles. Thankfully there is not too much additional expense for disabled people who wish to attain a drivers licence.

The same preconditions exist for all those who are in the process of doing the drivers licence. Firstly one needs to have successfully completed a first aid course and secondly be in the possesion of a valid eye test. More details about obtaining a drivers licence are available on the website of the Official Directory of Driving Instructors in Switzerland or directly from your preferred driving instructor. Instructors who specialise in teaching candidates with disabilities are listed on the internet website from Paramobil.

Medical certificate, certifies fitness to drive

It is important for learner drivers with a disability to have a medical certificate that certifies their fitness to drive. The learner licence will then be handed out after successful completion of the theory test. The next step will be to determine, with the special needs driving instructor, which vehicle modifications will need to be made. For this purpose the driving instructors have access to specially adapted learning vehicles to suit different requirements. Then the actual driving lessons can commence. This will give the candidate the necessary skills to enable him / her to pass the practical driving test. If successful the drivers licence with the disability specific requirments will be issued.

Mobile once again

For anyone who has obtained a drivers licence, but is now limited in mobility because of a disability must repeat the drivers licence. Because of the disability the current driving licence is deemed to be invalid. This is why a medical certificate is necessary when applying for the learners licence. The threory test does not however need to be repeated. Caution: Anyone who gets behind the wheel without a learners licence is liable to prosecution. The specialist instructor will be able to explain the exact course of action and the vehicle modifications which are best suited to your particlar disability.

Author: hia - 01/2008- MyH. Translation PmcC