Cooperation with Zur Rose

In order to offer better safety and support in regard to medicine and medication, MyHandicap Switzerland and the mail-order pharmacy Zur Rose have concluded a cooperation.

The MyHandicap Board of discussion as well as the pharmacy hotline offer you the possibility to ask your questions relating to medicine or therapies, to which qualified pharmacists will provide their answers. Further, MyHandicap users can order medication from the Zur Rose pharmacy and have it delivered to their home, discreetly and free of charge, on top of profiting from special conditions.
Depending on the illness or on the therapy, Zur Rose also offers other services as well. Qualified specialists will provide their services in the environment the patient may wish. Such a specialist could, for example, assist a patient in performing an injection, or do it herself. As part of a patient-coaching, specialists can also instruct patients and their relatives in the application of medication, as well as organize and coordinate all administrative processes between patients, doctors and medical insurance.
Find out more about the cooperation between MyHandicap Switzerland and the mail-order pharmacy Zur Rose. (Information available only in German and French)

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