A company less ordinary

In this section we normally portray the uplifting stories of people who live life to the fullest with a disability. These people are living proof that everything is possible in life and that a disability is not something that can stand between you and happiness. Here we would like to present for once a company and not a person. This company called Habitat Inc. should be an example to all other companies around the world!

Logo Habitat (Picture: Habitat)
Logo Habitat (Picture: Habitat)

At Habitat, 75% of its workforce consists of people with a physical or mental disability or both. Its co-founder and CEO, David Morris, views this characteristic of Habitat’s employees as one of the reasons for the company’s success. In a speech at 1999’s annual Business for Social Responsibility conference, Morris explains the success simply: “I hire the people no one else wants to hire.”
As a leading supplier to Home Depot, Lowe’s and other leading retailers for its product, Habitat has proved that it can succeed in the bottom-line business world. The fact of this success teaches that hiring a person with a disability can be a part of a successful business formula.

One commentator described some of the qualities of Habitat’s employees:
There is practically no absenteeism, very little turnover, and seldom an attitude problem. Each worker is cross-trained on every task in the plant…so there is rarely a need to bring in extra help to cover for someone’s who’s out. Quality control takes place naturally…as conscientious workers with developmental and other disabilities routinely point out faulty boxes, poor color matches, and shortages.
The lessons of Habitat’s success serve to inspire how the misconceptions about the work skills of people with disabilities can be demonstrated to be plain, flat wrong.