Aids and appliances for people with disabilities

Wheelchair Argon (Photo: © Sunrise Medical, Malsch)
Wheelchair (Photo: © Sunrise Medical, Malsch)

Aids and appliances help people with disabilities or age-related constraints to achieve more autonomy and mobility. They can also be used as part of a rehabilitation program as well as contributing to a better integration of people with disabilities within society.

A great number of aids and appliances are available on the market for people whose disabilities might be a result of an illness, an accident or old-age. Such devices can include walking-aids, wheel-chairs, prostheses or hearing-aids. Mobile communication also provides people with disabilities with many new possibilities; new devices are constantly developed in this field, such as speech- recognition programs for the computer.

On the next pages, you will find information about a great number of aids and appliances for people with disabilities. You will also obtain information about what to look for when ordering aids and appliances online.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive; it will be updated on a regular basis.