Peer Support Germany

People from our Peer Support help you find your way back in life. They have faced the same challenges as you are facing. They have also gone through deep valleys and climbed them up again. Gradually, they have learned to live with their disabilities and to lead an independent and fulfilling life. Peers know how you and your family feel right now.

German Ambassador Dagmar Maria Marth
Dagmar Maria Marth

Peer Support Berlin - Dagmar Maria Marth

Dagmar Maria Marth lost her right arm and leg at the age of 27. “At the hospital, I kept asking myself these two questions: Will I ever be able to walk in the woods again, and will I ever be loved by someone?”, remembers Dagmar Maria Marth.

Dagmar still needs help and support. “I am happy to have learned to ask for help and be thankful for it”, she says.

The purpose of our Peer Support is to inspire people to respect their own limits, but also to overcome the limitations they impose on themselves. The idea is to inspire people with disabilities to live their dreams and to take control over their own life. Learning to ask for help is also an important part of the process.

Dagmar knows the importance of sharing thoughts and experiences with people having gone through similar events. This is why she offered to become a Peer Support volunteer for MyHandicap. She focuses in particular on her hometown Berlin and the surrounding area.

German Ambassador Justin Black
Justin Black

Peer Support Münnerstadt - Justin Black

Justin Black lives with a very advanced muscular weakness. Due to this condition, he must rely constantly on the help from others. To make this possible, he has created his own assistance team, the BLACKFORCE.

Despite his severe physical limitation, Justin leads a fully self-determined life. He is a freelance film producer and author.