International barrier-free travel

Logo MIS: red square with four black arrows in all four directions (Foto: MIS)
MIS does an important job for disabled travellers! (Foto: MIS)

Wheelchair safari, visual impairment diving? No problem! MIS - Mobility International Switzerland - collects information on accessible international travels.

When it comes to accessible travel, MIS is your “man”! The travel expert for people with disabilities and for the tourism industry collects all relevant information about disability-related travelling. Travel addicted people can search for specific addresses or other information in the database.

Huge databases

The MIS-PLUS database, for example, is a collection of infrastructural information that is of public interest and provides information on accessibility. This database contains useful information for physically and sensory impaired people.

The Info-Centre database contains global travel information for disabled people. The cities, regions and country guides are available online as PDF or as brochure.

MIS also collects any additional addresses for travellers and globetrotters, divided in addresses in Switzerland and abroad.

Moreover, there are exciting journey reports included on the website of MIS. To get an impression about the resort, there is nothing more valuable than the experience of others!

Sunset with sailboat on the Mediterranean sea (Martin Genter/
So beautiful can be barrier-free holidays! (Martin Genter/

Full service

Most data can be found online. But also for people without Internet access, MIS has a solution and operates a call centre for questions about disability-specific travel information and other personal questions during the trip planning.

MIS also produces and publishes the annual holiday list with supervised holiday activities for people who want to spend their holidays in groups.

Raising Awareness

MIS does much work in raising awareness, for example, through presentations and lectures at colleges and tourism organisations and also serves students who have chosen their thesis in this or a similar area.

MIS even goes a step further and provides the basis for uniform data collection to ensure the quality of guide books. Pictograms simplify data collection and data mining.

MIS makes valuable work for travellers with disabilities in Switzerland and abroad. With various projects and activities, the travel situation in Switzerland has improved significantly thanks to MIS.

Text: MIS / M. Plattner - 09/2011

Translation: MPL

Pictures: MIS,