Airline travel

Because of the difficulties which often occur by the check-in of disabled passengers, Lufthansa in partnership with other airlines has developed the so-called Fremec-Card. This will have special advantages for disabled flyers, as check-in and customs clearance times will be accelerated.

It will be recorded in a identification card exactly which assistance the passenger requires to facilitate a problem free flight. You can download the the form in the info-box below and have it filled out by your doctor.

Send the completed form to the following address or fax it requesting the issue of a Fremec-Card. This will be than sent to you and will be valid for the period of one year, to facilitate check-in and clearance for disabled airline travellers.

The address to which the completed forms must be sent is:
Lufthansa Medical Service
Lufthansa Service Center Kassel
Lufthansabasis FRAXJ
Tel.: 0049 (0)1805-838038
Fax: 0049 (0)561-9933117

I recommend any disabled traveller, who for business or private purposes is a frequent flyer to oder a Fremec-Card, as it is especially helpful for foreign airlines abroad to get the correct assistance for checking-in and clearance.

Author: Konstantin Voswinkel, industry expert from MyHandicap