Tour d'europe

Cornelia and Peter Spreiter have fulfilled a dream. They travelled with their converted VW bus, from Spain through Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and via Germany back to Switzerland. An adventure, a risk, but above all an infinitely enriching experience.

As a result of polio in the 1950’s Cornelia and Peter Spreiter have both been left with physical impairments. Because of the long term effects of polio, they now depend exclusively on - and manage daily life with the help of their wheelchairs. "Othello" the Labrador accompanies them from day to day and on their travels.

For several years now they have been holidaying on the road with their VW camper van. The idea, to go on the road emerged from their experience with hotels and how very often the information regarding wheelchair accessibility was not what had been promised.

In 2000 they replaced the then 10-year-old vehicle with a new VW bus, which they then had adapted to suit their needs according to their own drawings and specifications. They designed a vehicle that had enough space for two wheelchairs, two Swiss Trac's and a dog during their travels. A lateral lift facilitates entry and exit. In addition, the bus can be changed into a bedroom with a few small adjustments.

Gift for a round Birthday

The big dream was always to make a really big journey. To wait for retirement before fulfilling the dream was too much of a risk for them. On the occasion of their 50th birthday, arose the idea to give each other a gift of a three-month holiday. And also because they still know how much strength that they both have. How this will be in ten years, is up to the gods. True to the motto: "Don’t dream your life, live your dream," they began planning for the great adventure "tour of Europe 2005"

With their travel log they not only want other people to share their adventures. They want to encourage others affected by a disability to realise their dreams. Life is not only measured by extravagance but also on very normal and independent daily living.

Translation: PmcC - MyH - 06/2008