Experience Switzerland

Flee from the daily routine, switch off and leave problems and stress far behind: Who does not dream of this?  You don’t need to venture to far off shores to make this dream come true – in Switzerland there are any number of jewels to discover. This goes for day trips or longer vacations.

When on vacation, recuperation hungry guests must be able to depend fully on a good organization, so that everything runs smoothly. Only then is real relaxation possible. Even on day or weekend trips accessibility is central so that the traveler or travelers are not left like the proverbial donkey on a mountain. Of course, at the same time spontaneity is what makes short breaks special.

Vacation with support

Above all else it is important that travelers can have quick and easy access to the desired information. The organization Procap provides an exclusive range of week and weekend excursions in Switzerland on their website. The programmes include assisted holidays as well as individual travel. Procap offers a wide range of assisted holidays: Besides leisurely relaxation there are also programmes for people, who want to spend their time actively.  A special programme for children and youths has also been developed. As an alternative to day-trips Procap organises various sport days. 

Travelling on your own steam

On the website of Mobility International Switzerland (MIS) there is a list of fully accessible excursion destinations. Places of interest are arranged by Canton and are described in detail. In this way the travelers can have a clear image of the conditions on site. Who wishes, can also order this information in printed form, and thus always has a copy on hand. With the information from MIS, an excursion can be planned and executed without a glitch. 

Discover Switzerland independently

There are a range of possibilities for people who wish to use and organise their free time independently. For cyclists, “Rent-a-Bike” have specially adapted bicycles available at various locations. Additionally, one can find a list of all wheelchair accessible hotels in Switzerland on the internet.

City guide from MyHandicap.ch

If you are interested in a city break, then we can refer you to the City-guide from MyHandicap.ch. All the relevant tourist information for people with disabilities is listed in this booklet. With the aid of the City-guide your destination can be explored and experienced with much greater ease.

On this note: Have a good trip, Gute Reise, bon voyage, buon viaggio!!