Mallorca / Spain

"Mallorca for all" is an initiative by the Consell de Mallorca (Mallorca Island Council) and the Consorci d'Informàtica Local de Mallorca (Local Information Technology Consortium of Mallorca), which offers a cultural, procedural and tourist agenda for all Mallorca's institutions to visitors.

As well as being the only agenda of institutional events in Mallorca, Agenda Mallorca is a web space where you can find all kinds of social and cultural information.
It is important to everyone to be able to arrange your leisure time optimally. With this in mind a travel guide attempts to assist the visitor in the decision about whether the accessibility of the various forms of public transport or touristic facilities correspond to his / her particular requirements.

At the same time the visitor recieves advice about where he / she can recieve complementary information to any queries.

MyHandicap accepts no responsibilty for the accuracy of this information. For this reason we recommend that before beginning your trip that you make telephone contact about your specific requirements. 

Author: Steffen Lindner, Customer advisor MyHandicap