Wheelchair vacation in Ebersberg

Nature cannot be said to be barrier-free. Forest paths are hardly ever level, and almost never wide enough for a wheelchair. But if you're keen to experience the forest at first hand, you can always go to Bavaria.

Last summer a unique project was opened in the National Forest at Ebersberg near Munich: the "Hohenlindener Sauschütt" forest discovery path. What makes it so special is that the two-mile stretch along the discovery route has also been adapted for wheelchairs.

Get the forest experience

Thanks to this you can get really close to the fauna and the flora of the forest. There are lots of interactive information points to help you discover the secrets of the forest and to learn all kinds of things about trees and shrubs, about protecting the forest, about wood husbandry and about fungi and toadstools. Or you can go stalking to see red deer and wild boar.

Exemplary commitment

In his opening speech, the Bavarian Forestry Minister, Josef Miller, praised the commitment of those who participated in the project. These included the forestry authority, the communities of Ebersberg and Hohenlinden, the interactive information points and Professor Dr. Jürgen Vocke, a member of the state parliament and chairman of "Lebenshilfe" and the "Schutzgemeinschaft Ebersberger Forst", who supported the project with a generous donation. The Minister also praised the Disabled Center at Steinhöring, for its exemplary commitment. The Center will take over responsibility for maintaining and further developing the path.