Ski 2 Freedom

Where can one find a winter sport holiday for people with a disability and what kind of equipment is available to them? “Ski 2 Freedom” wants to offer answers to these and other questions. The Organisation sees itself as the international point of contact for disabled snow sports enthusiasts.

A team of volunteers are currently building the website that will provide a comprehensive service. The website will provide not only information on numerous countries but also hopes to cater for a multilingual audience. Currently the website has only English and French versions.  For the future German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish translations are also planned.

Clearly laid out maps

A central point of “Ski 2 Freedom” is that interested parties can find information about any particular ski resort on the website. Additionally the team is also gathering information from ski resorts world-wide about the opportunities for disabled skiers. The information about any desired destination can be called up on an interactive map. The winter sports regions of France are available from the beginning; information on further countries is currently being collected. 

Various types of equipment

“Ski 2 Freedom” sees it as it’s task to present the various types of snow sport equipment. Surprisingly there are very many possibilities for people with disabilities to curve down the snowy slopes. One can find a suitable solution for every degree of disability. Even those who can not steer themselves do not have to forego the snow sport experience: With a Hi-Tech device steered by a companion, every one can glide boldly down the slopes.

Further areas of the winter sports platform are in planning. The website operators want to build up an events calendar and a user’s forum. The volunteers work is supported by various organisations in the area of disability care. 

Author: hia - 09/2008- MyH
Translation: PmcC