Angling: An outdoor activity for all

Spending time in the great outdoors, observing nature and catching fish, angling has a universal appeal. The Handicap "Anglerverband in Deutschland"(HAD German association promoting angling for people with disabilities) provides information about angling sites with wheelchair access, tips and advice to help people with disabilities and the able-bodied to enjoy this outdoor activity.

Every first Wednesday of the month, members meet up for "a surgery" at the offices of the HAD. They exchange information and discuss any new achievements. The HAD's priority is to make angling accessible to all: "It is not against fish, the aim is simply to combat disabilities", it states. As an association which aims to bring people with disabilities together with the able-bodied, the HAD promotes integration through the shared interest of angling.

Practical courses

The HAD provides information, tips and advice about fishing equipment to help people with disabilities to enjoy an leisure activity that brings them closer to nature. We recommend that anyone who is interested in angling should first go along with someone who knows what they're doing. There's more to angling that simply dangling bait in the water. Courses are also available to help you obtain your fishing license.

International events

The HAD's calendar is packed with exciting events. A particular highlight in autumn is the third international angling meeting which attracts teams from all over Europe. Over three days, teams and individual anglers compete in various classifications to catch the most fish from a slow-flowing river near Potsdam (Brandenburg area). It is also a very social occasion: A large marquee and a barbecue create a convivial atmosphere in the specially reserved fishing camp.

Author: Dominik Feusi