Basketball: Action in the halls

Tensions can run high. Wheelchair basketball is a fast-moving team sport which places high demands on both players and equipment. Strength, dynamism and expert wheelchair handling are just as important as teamwork and an eye for the ball.

Every 24 seconds a team has a chance to push its way forward before the other team reaches the ball. This guarantees fast-paced action and frequent changes of ball possession. In this game too, players in possession of the ball need to dribble. Colliding wheelchairs more than twice is forbidden.

Wheelchair basketball game in action (photo: STB-1 / wikimedia)
Wheelchair basketball game in action (photo: STB-1 / wikimedia)

Four periods of ten minutes

Each team consists of five players and seven substitutes. They compete to score points in four periods, each lasting ten minutes (a 15-minute break between the 2nd and 3rd section are the only longer breaks). Able-bodied people now also sit in wheelchairs and compete to shoot "basket". This helps to create a feeling of togetherness between people with disabilities and able-bodied players.

Made in America

Wheelchair basketball was developed after the Second World War by former top basketball players. Today, around 25,000 people play the sport in over 80 countries. Wheelchair basketball is one of the most established types of wheelchair sports. It was added to the Paralympics program in 1960.

Author: Dominik Feusi
Photo: STB-1 / wikimedia