Weight lifting: Strength on the bench

Weight lifting, or power lifting, to use the other name given to this individual strength sport, is a somewhat marginal sport, but one that is also open to wheelchair users.

Weight lifting, or power lifting, is the only individual strength sport where there is no contact with an opponent and has similarities with bench pressing. Its distinguishing characteristics are maximum strength and resilience, as well as observing opponents, techniques and tactics. Each individual fights for himself or herself within a team structure. Help and be helped is the motto. Measuring your strength, everyone competing against each other in ten weight classes, regardless of disability level, are what makes this sport so attractive. Weight lifting is one of the few sports that not only promotes integration between the able-bodied and people with disabilities, it also opens up national and international competitions to both men and women. Information and training courses for newcomers to the sport take place once a year and provide an opportunity for beginners to receive tips from top athletes. The men’s national team has successfully taken part in the European/world championships and the Paralympics for many years.

Source: Deutscher Rollstuhlsportverband