Concentration is (almost) everything

Athletes compete in three categories, otherwise the same rules apply as in the standard sport. The sport calls for and improves concentration and willpower.

The characteristics that make a good - able-bodied - marksman or woman are the same as those needed from us disabled shooting enthusiasts: Absolute concentration, a great deal of willpower and a technical understanding of the equipment. All national and international competitions and championships are played according to ISSF rules and additional provisions set by the IPC/ISCD. Participants are divided into three "damage classes". Competitors in class SH1 shoot without any additional assistance. In class SH2, a cushioned stand is used. This is designed for shooters whose upper extremities are impaired (amputation or upper paralysis). Blind and visually impaired people are in class SH3. In general, there are nine competitions for air rifles or small-bore rifles and four competitions for air pistols and small-bore pistols.

Source: Deutscher Rollstuhlsportverband