Concentration and strength are crucial

Inner calm, concentration and strength: Whoever can bring it all together, wins. Archery has been successfully used in rehabilitation for many years and is one of the longest established disabled sports.

The first competition for the disabled was held in Stoke Mandeville in the United Kingdom back in 1948. 130 competitors from two countries took part in the archery event. Since the Rome Paralympics in 1960, archery has been a fascinating event in the Games.

Archers examining their arrows on the target  (photo: Rainer Sturm  /
Archers examining their arrows on the target (photo: Rainer Sturm /

Individually and in teams

The competition involves shooting over long distances at a target measuring 122 cm in diameter. The shooting distance at the Paralympics is 70 meters. At open-air competitions, the distance can be between 60 and 90 meters. The distances are divided into classifications based on disabilities. In indoor halls, the distance is 25 or 18 meters, with a smaller target being used for the shorter distance. There are individual and team competitions.

Author: Dominik Feusi

Photo: Rainer Sturm  /