The sport with the featherweight ball

(photo: Oskar Günther /
photo: Oskar Günther /

A new and dynamic sport for people with disabilities is gradually gaining a foothold in Germany. Tactics, stamina and complete mastery of the wheelchair are essential requirements.

Badminton is still a relative newcomer to the world of sports for the disabled. Badminton for wheelchair users is currently offered by more than 20 associations throughout Germany as both a leisure/rehabilitation activity and a competitive sport.

Sports for wheelchair users and other disabled people

Non-wheelchair users with a disability frequently play in badminton clubs for the able-bodied, as well as national and international competitions for the disabled. While badminton is already well established in the North-Rhine Westphalia region, wheelchair users in other areas of Germany may find it more difficult to locate a club.

However, the establishment of new badminton groups in Dresden, Weimar/Erfurt and Heidelberg gives rise to hopes that the sport will soon find a following in these regions as well. The badminton section organizes five or six match days with a league table every season to allow players to assess their performance. The season then ends with the German Championships which are generally held in April or May.

Integration through sports

In addition to the usual form of the game based on singles, doubles and mixed disciplines, some clubs (RSG Langenhagen, RSG Recke, RSC Berlin, etc.) also organize so-called Integra competitions. These are doubles matches where one partner is a wheelchair user and the other is able to walk.

Source: Deutscher Rollstuhlsportsverband
photo: Oskar Günther /

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