E-bike designed for disabled people

GBY and its e-bike

GBY and its e-bike designed for disabled people, allowing you to rediscover nature in complete autonomy, while mobilizing the paralyzed limbs!

Who understands the needs of people with disabilities better than a disabled person? Sebastian (Co-founder of GBY) became quadriplegic at C6-C7 level after a MTB accident in 2013. As soon as he was discharged from Nottwil Hospital, well known to many in the disability world, he was relentlessly searching for a way to get out into nature again while moving his entire body in a natural physiological movement. For this reason he imagined and developed a three-wheeled bicycle that allows him to make further leisure activities in the heart of nature. After having covered nearly 3,000 km aboard his new companion and after receiving several positive feedbacks, Sebastian decided to move from a prototype to commercialized product, aiming to share the benefit of his invention with others disabled people. Therefore, he created the Start-Up named GBY (Go By Yourself) with his friend Eric in September 2016.

You may ask yourself why “Go By Yourself”? Quite simply because this name conveys the idea of autonomy, because unfortunately not everyone has the chance to be able to move when, how and where he wants to move autonomously.

A Start-Up? It's a completely crazy adventure... it's the story of people who carry an idea or a product, people who give their all and seek funds. GBY is a small team of 4 people fighting like fools in a world still unknown to many. This world is the world of disability. Most of the time we do not, or rarely, see people with reduced mobility, because they do not go out much. But if we simply ask ourselves "why?", the answer is quite simple: because they have little or no opportunity to do so... For that reason, GBY has decided to do everything possible to make them more autonomous and to integrate them even more into the world of valid people.

GBY takes up the basic idea of Sebastian's bike and gives it the name "Go-Tryke®". As a reminder to the idea of "go by yourself" and "go (by) Tryke".

Indeed, today there is a big enthusiasm for the e-bike, these bikes equipped with an electric motor allow everyone to move, while having fun. Really everyone? Yes, everyone! The Go-Tryke®, an E-bike specially designed for people with reduced mobility, offers to regain the feeling of freedom, but not only! What is the use of taking a trip if it is at the cost of therapy sessions? With GBY's Go-Tryke®, the goal is not only to take another trip in the forest and elsewhere in nature, but also to activate the whole body. The Go-Tryke® is a bike that put in movement arms and legs simultaneously, for paraplegics, hemiplegics, amputees, and many more. The electric assistance specially adapted for this bike allows the user to go where he desires.

The concept does not stop there. The Go-Tryke® is not just a simple E-bike. It is also designed to be adaptable to different disabilities, thanks to its multiple adjustments such as centimetre-to-centimetre adjustment of the frame, transfer aid, ergonomic seat and much more.

All that is just the beginning of the story. The Go-Tryke® has a much greater potential. A prototype is already compatible with the renowned STIMO study (article published in Nature edition “November 2018”). Various adaptations are being developed that will eventually open up to other types of disabilities, so that affected people can also regain the joy of cycling. Since the beginning of the GBY adventure, the media has shown a strong and growing interest in GBY and its bicycle project for people with a handicap. Some futher publications will be released soon. Several institutions support GBY in financing, research and development, and manufacturing. New collaborations are also in discussion. All this looks good, but we anyway remain realistic: the road is still long and full of challenges.

For our small GBY team, 2019 is a decisive year. Let's go, the first serial production of the Go-Tryke® is launched! This phase promises to be full of joy and madness, but also of intense emotions.

Indeed, after 3 years of development, design, construction, assembly, intensive testing, adaptation, partnerships, search for investors, and many other things, the Go-Tryke® is finally there! He is ready to take each of you for a ride and show you something new and original.
Feel free to follow GBY on Facebook, on Instagram, or on www.gby.swiss, or simply come and visit GBY (GBY SA, Route de Bulle 41, CH-1696 Vuisternens-en-Ogoz). You may discover that Go-Tryke® could well become a future companion that could change your life.

PS: If you come to our GBY show on 20 and 21.07.2019 you could also win a week's holiday in France in a house completely equipped and adapted to people with reduced mobility. An opportunity that you should not miss!