Cybathlon 2016

(Photo credit: ETH Zurich/Alessandro Della Bella)

The Cybathlon will be held on 8 October 2016 at the Swiss Arena in Kloten. People with varying degrees of impairment will participate in the unique competition, aided by cutting-edge assistive technologies. Each team is comprised of a technology developer and at least one “pilot” who directs the technological device. The assistive technologies used in the competition are either products that are already available on the market or prototypes from research labs.

The competition itself comprises six different disciplines, each with 8 to 16 participating teams:

  • Obstacle course with motorised leg prostheses
  • Agility course with motorised arm prostheses
  • Powered exoskeleton race
  • Obstacle course with electric wheelchairs
  • Bike race with electrical muscle stimulation
  • Brain-computer interface computer game

The goal of the Cybathlon is to provide a platform to promote the development of assistive technologies that help disabled people in the best way possible. The Cybathlon is also intended to break down barriers between the general public, people with physical impairments and technology developers.

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