AnyOneCan Ride By Yossi Kat

“Anyone can ride” enables almost any person to ride a regular bicycle.

Yossi Kat abandoned his high-tech career to teach Disable, how to ride bikes. It’s great to have a job where all my students leave with a smile, says Kat.

Initiative, if you consider for a moment, is one of the most desirable characteristics to have. It is a daring, creative and penetrating quality that brings a good deal of satisfaction. When an initiative fuses simple and intelligent business on the one hand with the ability to make people happy on the other – it’s certainly an outstanding accomplish- ment.
Yossi Kat is one such example. Kat, who worked in the high-tech industry up until a 18 years ago, is now the mastermind behind the bicycle riding method that bears his name. Like many of the best initiatives, it happened by chance.

“It all started,” he recounts, “when I had to teach my son to ride a bike without training wheels. Because I’m lazy, I decided to ride alongside him on rollerblades, instead of running after him and hold- ing the bike. Within a few minutes he was riding on his own. After a few laps around the block, three more of his friends asked me to teach them and it worked for them too. That night I got a phone call from the parents of another of my son’s friends – a boy who has suffered from motor difficulties since birth – and they asked that I try to teach their son too. I didn’t really know how to answer them, but in the end I decided to give it a try. After a few hours he was riding confidently too.”

That evening, Yossi got a call from the orthopedist that operated on the child, his psychologist and his occupational therapist – all thanking him for the mir- acle he made happen. Yossi, who hadn’t yet realized the dimensions of the opportunity, smiled and kept on with his dull (his definition) high-tech routine. 

“Anyone can ride” enables almost any person to ride a regular bicycle. The method is based on pairing between the bicycle rider and an experienced mentor, who rolls on rollerblades alongside the bicycle rider. While hardly supporting physically, the mentor is granting the touch of confidence and giving a hand when needed, thus reducing the physical dependency.
With this initiative, we aim to improve the quality of life of people with special needs by introducing an exciting physical activity as well as by establishing a diverse community partnering in ongoing bicycle riding activities.

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