Best Partnership Award 2013

The long-time cooperation between MyHandicap and Dow Europe has been nominated by the US Chamber of Commerce for the Best Partnership Award 2013.

This award has been created for rewarding exceptional partnerships. This should in turn inspire other enterprises as well as organizations to go beyond their horizons and contribute to changing the world by creating partnerships.

The nomination for the cooperation between MyHandicap and Dow came very close to calling victory. The fact that our free job-training program made it to the final round is an unmistakable sign that we should carry on with it and help young people with disabilities getting started with their career. Read more…

To find out more about the cooperation between Dow and MyHandicap, in particular in regard to the free job-training program for people with disabilities, have a look at this video:

Text: MyHandicap 09/2013, update 12/2013