Successful career start with Dow and MyHandicap

An application with a big, blue question mark on the foreground.
The workshops strengthen assurance in the process of applying for a job. (Photo: Foundation MyHandicap)

Integration of people with disabilities into the working place is at the heart of a cooperation between Dow Europe and the Foundation MyHandicap. This cooperation involves organizing application workshops for people with disabilities.

Established in 2010, the cooperation between Dow and the foundation MyHandicap finds resonance on the national as well as on the international level. Both partners have set the goal of making it easier for people with disabilities to start on their career. Dow supports MyHandicap in its efforts to expand its platform and offers in this field as well as to reach out for other European countries. A part of this cooperation consists in holding application workshops, taking place on a regular basis at different locations of Dow, with the aim of preparing people with disabilities for their application process.

Diversity within the enterprise

This cooperation is in accordance with Dow's motto, which aims at achieving diversity among the staff and at creating possibilities for people with different backgrounds - including people with disabilities. And it is  precisely in this field that Dow sees great opportunities for the whole concern: "Economically speaking, a diverse and complete working team, with a sense of growth and innovation, makes a lot of sense. A person with disabilities can bring invaluable inputs in such a team as well as unique insights. Only a world which can ensure that every individual, including people with disabilities, can unfold to their full potential and be fostered according to their possibilities, is a functioning world, from which all of us within the enterprise can benefit", says John Carton, Global Supply Chain Director at Dow.

Application workshops: what happens precisely?

During the workshops, the participants learn how to present themselves on an  individual and professional level and how to prepare themselves optimally for a job interview with a potential employer. In the workshop Coaching with the management team, the participants have the possibility of simulating a job interview including feedback. This training can then increase their chances of finding their way into the work market.  Moreover, all these efforts can bring very positive results; for example, Deborah Stettler, a participant herself, got herself a job at Dow after attending such a workshop.

Objectives of the application workshops for people with disabilities

These workshops (and further measures) have as an objective the training of the management team of Dow as well as their employees. This includes enhancing the awareness about people with disabilities, teaching basic rules for a correct behaviour, and becoming familiar with how to approach concerned people and offer help and advice in dealing with particular forms of handicap.


Text: K. Otto - 12/2012
Translation: C. Fontaine - 12/2012
Photos: Foundation MyHandicap