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Discrimination and disadvantage in the workplace

Thursday, December 3. 2020

26% of persons with disabilities experience discrimination in the workplace. (Photo: Pixabay)

A sad reality on the international day of people with disabilities: almost one third of all workers with disabilities in Switzerland experience increased levels of discrimination or violence at work. This was published by the federal statistical office in its latest pocket statistics.

People with disabilities still participate in the labour market at a very high rate, despite the severe restrictions they face in their everyday lives. Currently, around 69% of people with disabilities currently participate in the labour market. Despite this, their quality of life at work remains inferior compared to that of people without disabilities. People with disabilities are more exposed to discrimination and violence at work than people without disabilities.

26% of people with disabilities reported having experienced at least one of the nine forms of disadvantage or violence surveyed in the last twelve months. These include discrimination on grounds of age, gender, origin or disability, verbal or physical violence, threats, intimidation, bullying or sexual harassment. On the other hand, the reported figure for people without disabilities was 18%.

The complete pocket statistics of the Federal Statistical Office can be viewed here.