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EU project on nature-based health holidays
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Tuesday, April 9. 2019

… for two in one of the most popular wellness hotels in Austria.
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The research project HEALPS is carried out at the Institute for Tourism and Leisure at the HTW Chur (University of Applied Sciences) together with a number of European partners and co-financed by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to create a basis for positioning the Alpine region as a destination for nature-based health tourism. In nature-based health tourism, diseases or health restrictions caused by natural resources, the positive effects of which have been proven in clinical studies, are to be treated.

The Krimml Waterfall (Link) in Austria can serve as an example here:
The force of the waterfall divides the individual water molecules into tiny fragments. The result is negatively charged, respirable, nanometer-sized water fragments, the so-called nano- or waterfall aerosols. Due to their small size, they can penetrate particularly deeply into the respiratory tract and develop their cleansing and immunomodulating effect there. Allergy and asthma symptoms disappear, the airways are cleaned and the allergic inflammation is lastingly alleviated.

Thus the project creates the basis for new impulses in the treatment and prevention of diseases and contributes to the economic strengthening of the Alpine region.