Trike: a cool sensation

Gottfried Wutti has traveled 450 kilometers on his trike this morning from Kärnten to Kaunertal. He is now sitting peacefully in the sun, enjoying a cigar. In his eyes, the swanky three-wheeled roadster is simply the coolest thing in the world.

"Its cornering ability is a dream, cars and Harleys have no chance", said the 49-year old Austrian. His Triketec C2 has 82 HP, reaches a maximum speed of 165 km/hour and sprints from zero to one hundred in seven seconds.

Gottfried Wutti had polio and can no longer use his legs. However, he feels "completely free" on the trike since the C2 series is fitted with an automatic gearbox with Tiptronic as standard. And the deep body-contoured seat ensures optimal cornering for people with disabilities but in no way resembles an uncool adaptation for the disabled. The only adaptation Wutti has implemented is to change the braking functions from foot to hand control.
A trike can't topple over, it's not registered as a three-wheeled car (which keeps insurance low) and can be ridden by people with a class B driving license (three). Although his motorcycling friends sometimes laugh at Gottfried Wutti, "I get wet as well when it rains", he states with the confident feeling of being a "real biker". Leaving the dispute about systems to one side, he can state one thing with confidence: "When I turn up on my trike at a café, I attract more attention from the girls that any motorcyclist".

Source: HANDICAP magazine, the Magazine for quality of life, Issue 2/2004