The patient organization swiss sarcoma was established in 2015 by a group of patients and their relatives. (Photo: swiss sarcoma)

A sarcoma is a tumor that develops in the soft tissue and is a rare type of cancer. It represents around 1% of all malignant tumors. A distinction needs to be made between bone and soft tissue cancer. Primary malignant bone tumors often occur during childhood and adolescence.

From a biological point of view, sarcomas are very diverse and complex, which implies that the treatment must also be adapted individually. For this reason, it is very important that the patient be treated in a specialized clinic.

The treatment usually involves the participation of several specialist disciplines. Together, these determine the best treatment strategy for each sarcoma-affected patient.

Swiss sarcoma is a patient organization

The patient organization swiss sarcoma was established in Zurich in May 2015. Patient organizations are equipped with a wealth of knowledge about the way patients cope with their illness and which needs they may have in regard to dealing with this illness on a day-to-day basis. Such organizations can be an important support for people going through a difficult life phase. They can also help managing challenging situations.

Patient organizations allow patients or people concerned more visibility in the public space as well as in the health and public systems, and can also represent their interests. The aim of such organizations is to contribute to offer these people a better quality of life.

Especially in regard to rare illnesses such as sarcoma, about which little knowledge is available among the general public, patient organizations are very important contact places. Because of the rarity of this illness, receiving such a diagnostic places patients in front of major challenges – and for a long time.

Apart form the medical treatment, the relationship between patients, their relatives and the specialists is also of great significance. In this sense, swiss sarcoma establishes an independent patient network that allows information exchange and the contact between patients, their relatives and the medical profession.

Text: Silvia Müller 12/2015
Translation: MyH 01/2016

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