MyTherapy: Take your medications on time, everytime

MyTherapy is a mobile application that helps you to never miss your medication and also improves communication between doctors and patients. MyTherapy gives personalized assistance for mental health. The app acts as a reliable medication reminder for all prescriptions, which is particularly vital for mental health medication as treatments like SSRIs often take two to four weeks to take effect. This is especially important when the medications not take immediate effect at the very beginning of the treatment.

Record symptoms and track activities: Find out what works best for you

Find out what really helps you. MyTherapy's built-in journal as well as the printable health report will help you to understand what works best. Log your daily mood and other symptoms or use it for tracking activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise, to see which areas of your treatment have room for improvement.

Meeting real-life needs: Working hand in hand with scientific institutions

Developed to meet real-life needs, MyTherapy draws on evidence-based research with leading medical institutions to ensure that it holds up to the latest in medical requirements. It’s the collaborative efforts from patients, their loved ones and medical experts that has helped to make the app as effective and easy to use as it is today. MyTherapy has been the proud recipient of several awards for outstanding efforts and innovation addressing chronic disease prevention, health management and integration of technology and health into a digital society.

Improve communication: Share your progress with your doctor

Communication between doctors and patients is best when it is open, honest and doesn’t leave out important details. The printable monthly health report easily lets you share your progress with your doctor. This way, your doctor does not only gain access to a complete overview of your treatment since your last visit, but can review your treatment based on your stats and adjust as needed.

Stronger together: Involve your loved ones

Motivation is a fundamental element in sticking to a treatment. Involve family and friends with MyTherapy Team and let your loved ones be your safety net. Missed doses can be shared with family and friends so they can support you by reminding your medications and track your progress. With MyTherapy your family and friends are there to help you as much as you want, without sacrificing your personal autonomy.

Privacy matters: Protection and Access

Your health is a private matter. MyTherapy strictly adheres to German confidentiality laws and even received a certification for its efforts to data protection. Data never gets shared with third parties. Thanks to our partners MyTherapy has been and will always remain free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the MyTherapy team at support(at)mytherapyapp(dot)com.