Have a little faith: A pet Christmas tale

A little dog streches out its body and stands on two legs  (Photo: The Stringfellows)
Faith had to learn to walk on two legs (Photo: The Stringfellows)

Faith was born in Oklahoma USA around Christmas 2002 with only two normal legs. The Stringfellows taught her to walk upright and propelled her into stardom.

Jude Stringfellow remembers how Faith was saved in a last-minute operation: “A dog in the neighbourhood had just given birth to a few puppies. My son Reuben observed that one of them had one leg missing and another severely deformed. Since her mother rejected it, it did not have a chance to survive. Reuben didn’t think twice: he took the puppy in his jacket and brought it home.

Faith shall live

The Stringfellows named the puppy Faith and put all their energy in a rescue operation. “After seven month Faith had her deformed leg amputated”, remembers Jude Stringfelllow. „She was not able to walk and used to skid on the floor. We tried everything like strapping her on a skateboard, but that did not really work.”  In a last attempt the Stringfellows tried to have Faith walk on two legs like a human being. Dogs can do that but just for a short time. “We lured her with peanut butter by holding a spoon up.  At one point – after endless tries - Faith took all her strength together, lifted her little body up and licked the spoon.” As time passed by her legs became stronger. Except her way of walking Faith has developed normal canine instincts. “Faith chases the ducks in the park and sniffs at every corner,” says Jude.  

A Hollywood star

Soon enough the media got wind of Faith’s story and propelled her into stardom. Faith was a guest at numerous animal features and was invited with her “mother” Jude on Ophra Winfreys talk show. Her biography “With a little faith” is already on sale.  Faith was also rumoured to have been considered for an appearance in the latest Harry Potter movie. Jude Stringfellow uses Faith’s worldwide fame for a charitable cause. She and Faith often visit sick children or disabled persons in hospitals. “Faith has surmounted her handicap and is now a happy dog. This gives courage to children but also to diabetes patients who had to undergo amputation. Faith is just a fantastic dog who can lift people’s moral up,” says Jude.

Text: Michel Benedetti
Translation: Michel Benedetti
Pictures: The Stringfellow family