Backrest: Fully customizable for optimum comfort

The new V-Trak backrest system from Performance Health Products of Great Britain provides optimum seating comfort for wheelchair riders. It has three individually customizable backrests, each consisting of separate segments.

A universal attachment makes it possible to mount this system on the wheelchair and remove it again quickly when needed, for example if you're folding up your wheelchair to stow it away. The "comfort back" is adjusted to the wheelchair user by means of belts, allowing easy customization of back height, seat depth and angle. The wheelchair user can remain seated while these adjustments are made.

Help with complex seating problems

The second V-Trac product, the "Axxis backrest" helps with complex seating problems such as those experienced by people with cerebral palsy. It provides the user with optimum support by way of adjustable lateral segments for the chest and pelvic regions. The Axxis backrest is available for seating widths as small as 26 cm – which means it is suitable also for children. With the "segmented" back, individual elements can be assembled according to the person's needs. It is possible, for example, to use it instead of the seating shell in cases of scoliosis. All elements of the V-Track backrest system were totally convincing during crash tests for wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles. They are listed in the German assistive equipment directory (Hilfsmittelverzeichnis) and can be extended by a range of accessories, such as head rests, for example.