On the same level... or standing in a wheelchair

Woman in standing wheelchair, holding her horse in stable yard (Picture: LEVO)
Getting on the same level with everybody with the LEVO Standing Wheelchair (Picture: LEVO)

"Sitting in a wheelchair", as it's known in everyday lingo. A standing wheelchair not only falsifies this statement, but much more importantly, standing wheelchairs make it possible for people with disabilities to have more independence, a higher feeling of self worth and a strengthened protection from the consequential damage of being permanently in a sitting position.

In 1976 the first standing wheelchairs from the Swiss company Valutec (today LEVO AG) went into production. The model "F7" was both manually driven and erectable. As the main supplier of wheelchairs for children and adults, the company developed its line of products in close cooperation with medical specialists, therapists, rehabilitation consultants and wheelchair users. The development of the standing wheelchair was and still is a milestone in the endeavours for more autonomy and mobility for people with a disability.