Independence and mobility, thanks to door and window motors

Disabled access apartments must be fitted with doors and windows which are operational by motors. This provides a great deal of independence and mobility for people with disabilities. It is fundamental to design the doors and windows so that they can be easily operated.

The door-mounted door opener allows on one hand access to different rooms by opening and on the other hand by closing, they also protect ones need for privacy. In principle, all swinging, opening or sliding doors can be automated. Outside and inside of the house doors can be opened automatically via motion detectors. Private rooms or house entrances are operated with environment controlled automatic doors. The environmental controls function as a key and sends a coded signal to the automatic door opening mechanism. Nursing staff or carers can open the door with a key, or a special button.

Discreet installation thanks to hidden power lines

Window openers are controlled with an environment control and also enable for example, people with severe disabilities to independently, air the bedroom. The elegant design and hidden power line allow for a discrete installation. By dismounting the chain drive the window can be opened manually for cleaning and other purposes.

Translation: PmcC - MyH - 06/2008