Tracker Pro: ideal mouse replacement device

Tracker Pro is a mouse replacement device that enables people with little or no hand movement to perform all mouse functions by moving their head. The Tracker Pro elegantly converts the users head movements into computer mouse movement, which allows you to move your mouse cursor.

The Tracker Pro is the newest model in the Tracker family. It is only as big as a table-tennis ball and there is also improved precision with the latest edition. Because of its compact design and special channel lock mounting (or super Velcro) the Tracker Pro can be easily attached to a laptop or Augmentative Communication device.

Also suitable for users with limited head movement

Thanks to the automatic stabilising of the cursor, the Tracker Pro is also suitable for people with limited head movement. To control the cursor the user needs only to have a small reflective point attached to his / her forehead or glasses. This allows the user to move freely as it is not necessary to have cables attached to the computer.

Author: pg 09/2007. Translation: pmcc - MyH