Computer control with a joystick

Computer mouse in a mouse trap (Pauline/
No use for mouses... (Pauline/

The computer industry developed the joystick some 30 years ago for playing computer games. Since then, the advantages of using a joystick for computer games as well as for controlling other functions have been well recognised. The joystick has also been implemented as the perfect alternative for people who can not use a mouse, due to limited mobility.

With this model from Active Communication GmbH a Swiss company, the mouse movements are carried out dynamically. The mouse speed is determined by the amount of pressure applied to the joystick: the more the joystick is pressed in a certain direction the quicker the mouse pointer will react on the screen. With the trackball variation the speed of the mouse is proportional to the speed with which the trackball is moved. This allows for very precise and efficient operation of the computer.

The speed of the joystick or trackball is adjustable

The various mouse functions like clicking and double clicking are controlled with a separate button. Furthermore if a switch adapter is attached to the control element then this function can be triggered by any of the buttons on the joystick. The ground speed of the mouse pointer is directly adjustable on the joystick or trackball mouse.

Author: pg - 09/2007, translation: pmcc - MyH