My Tobii: Computer control with the eyes

"My Tobii" the portable eye-controlled communication device: Recognises the user’s eye movement and places it on the screen.

My Tobii P10 is considered a world wide revolution in the operation of computers and communication devices. It is the first and only compact mobile device that can be controlled with simple and precise eye movements.

The 15” screen, eye control and computer are integrated into one sturdy unit. There are no fragile external cameras or lighting units. The device evaluates the eye movements of the user by means of an integrated camera. Eye control is fully automatic and so easy that individuals of all cognitive levels can communicate with the system; mouse keyboard and other sensors are unnecessary.

Simple installation and operation

The My Tobii P10 is easy to install and adjust to the specific needs of the individual user. The eye control starts automatically, as soon as the user is sitting in front of the screen. A one-time calibration, where the user simply follows a dot on the screen for 10 seconds is all that is needed to allow the user to operate the system.

Controllable with either one or with both eyes

Modern technology makes it possible: In the upper area of the screen infrared light signals are emitted from transmitters, which reflects the eye. There are receivers on the bottom of the screen which receive the light differently than other areas of the eye. In this way the eye control acknowledges the movement of the eyes’ pupil. The user can select a word or an icon if he / she stares at the icon or word for a certain, previously set, duration. My Tobii can be operated with either one or with both eyes.

Young man using MyTobii P10 (Picture: tobii ATI)
Young man using MyTobii P10 (Picture: tobii ATI)

Work as normal on the computer

In the speech mode there are various symbols and a screen keyboard on the screen. The user stares at a symbol and the synthesized speech relays the coded message. If he/she selects single letters, the words or sentences will be sounded out by the software. The eye control serves not only for communication, on normal computers it allows the user to write whole passages of text or send emails. Additionally lights, the TV or the radio can all be controlled using eye movement.

My Tobii P10 gives people with severe cerebral palsy and involuntary head movement the possibility to communicate quickly and precisely. It is also very suitable for people with ALS, locked-In Syndrome, high level quadriplegia and other comparable disabilities. My Tobii P10 tolerates involuntary head movements. Even in varying levels of lighting the position of the eyes can precisely located. Glasses or contact lens have no affect on the performance.

Author: pg - 09/2007, translation: pmcc - MyH