Computer aided communication assistance

In a project which lasted several years the small handheld TouchSpeak has been developed for people, who can’t speak but would like to enhance their communication possibilities.


TouchSpeak is the result of a Europe wide research project which has been supported by EU, which has lasted for 4 years. TouchSpeak is an interdisciplinary collaboration between speech therapists, linguists, programmers and final users as well as their relations.

Individual vocabulary

The result of the project is a handheld, individually configurable computer aided communication assistant, which can be used with synthetic and natural speech reproduction. With the TouchSpeak software you can create individual vocabulary for over 10,000 symbols, which can be adjusted to suit the user’s specific needs and abilities. In addition to the existing symbols and vocabulary, the user can input his/her own images or compile sentences from the existing vocabulary

Standard PDA / Organiser as the basis

Equipped with a special navigations system for simple use, it adjusts to the individual requirements of the person concerned. Revolutionary with this system is the manageability. It’s based on a standard PDA / Organiser, which is specially modified for this purpose. The compact size allows people with precise fine motor skills to take the small communication aid with them everywhere they go and use it when ever needed.

As an alternative the larger variation, TouchSpeak XXL is also available.