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    With the help of a so-called Wildcard you can look for several search words, which have the same word beginning. If you search e.g. for "Typo*", the search will find everything that begins with "Typo" : Typo3, Typoscript, Typocode, Typo3user... etc.
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    If you do not want to find certain expressions in your search result, you can cause this with placing a hyphen in front. Terms which contain this indication are excluded from the search result.
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    It is possible to limit the search result on answers of certain users. In addition to the retrieval query attach still another "user:username" and find the results, which were written by this certain user. If the username should not be found, this appendix will be ignored.
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Hello fellow user Personally, I find that Migros Fitnesspark is a fine gym. Particularly the "Stockerhof". It's very space and everything is on the same floor (which will also benefit our fellow users in wheelchairs). Here is the link: If you're looking for a good bargain ...