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London's Christmas market barrier-free? Has been answered Hi all, wanted to ask whether this Christmas market is also wheelchair accessible?
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MyHandicap app is free of charge (german) Has been answered Hello and good morning everyone, since yesterday is the MyHandicap App Version 2.0 at the apple store: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/myhandicap/i ...
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irish driving lisence in USA? Has been answered hi i go to the USA for 3 monts and ill need a car to get around there. I have found a company where i could rent a car that suits me (with hand thr ...
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What's your Euopean holiday destination? Has been answered I'm thinking about spending my holiday on the Greek islands. I've read that the economy is rather in a pityful state, so I'd like to know if there are ...
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is istanbul a cool place for wheelchair drivers Has been answered must be a great place! but also for wheelis like me? who knows?
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do you know something about israel? is it a good place ... i´m thinking of going to israel this spring. but i do not know anything about wether israel is a barrier free place or not does anybody know?
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disability camps international Has been answered Hi My son turns 9 this summer and Ive been wondering if there are any disability camps he could join. He "suffers" from hemiplegia and feels always ...
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Contact to Fukushima. I NEED HELP!! Has been answered [b]So worried about a friend near fukushima! I cant reach her by phone, email or what ever!! Is there any one from japan who could help me? Im freaking ...
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International travelgroups for handicaped? Has been answered Hi, I am looking for an international Travel company for poeple with handicap. I dont whant to travel only with germans. I would like to know, do such ...
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Travelling to Japan with wheelchair Has been answered Hi, one of my friends wants to travel to Japan with wheelchair. Has anybody experience? He is from Germany. Thank you, Enrico
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