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Are people with diabetes considered handicapps in the ... In Poland, I have a special handicap ID card and I get for example free public transport. This winter I'm going for skiing in Italy and I wander if I could ...
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Disability on Mobility Hi I'm doing a project on Disability and Transportation/Mobility as my final project at university. I would appreciate it if you fill in my survey as it ...
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Easypivot Patient Lift is anyone familiar with the easypivot patient lift ? Can reccomend any other lift apparatus'...ty.
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Vehicle safety Has been answered I have a friend who was killed whilist travelling in a converted vehicle. She was in a wheelchair and although safety belts etc were fitted I don't believe ...
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I need to get a a Chronically Dysabled young man from ... Has been answered The young man has Muscular Dystrophy cannot breath on his own uses a ventilator, he is chronically Dysabled We have tried to work out a route from home ...
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Hi, I am not sure if I can ask this but, I am currently ... I would really appreciate the help in filling in my wheelchair trolley survey to enable me to complete my final report for my design course for my degree, ...
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I have a brand new product, a soft sided carrying ... Has been answered Would like to know about the rules of posting my brand new product here on the forum. Thanks in advance [color=blue][...] [Editor's note: Please do not ...
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I do not want a power chair, just a manual one that ... Has been answered I am really trying to find out what my options, if any, are. I am looking for a wheelchair that I can use outside in the yard and normal park like settings. ...
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what you do when they dont let you in? Has been answered hi a friend of mine is a wheelchair user, stunningly beautifull woman. we wanted to go to an exhibition but they wouldnt let us in. they say my friend ...
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sore back from wheelchair Has been answered hi i got a sore back from sitting in my wheelchair. i just cant get rid off it. any hints? it's horrible!! Thanks
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