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should non-paras be allowed in para-sports? hi 2 all i have found this article here: http://athletesfirst.ca/2012/02/29/should-athletes-without-disabilities-be-allowed-in-parasport/ (via PWD's ...
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ostar pistorius rocks !! Has been answered pistorius is running with carbonprotheses and won several gold medals at paralympics and soon hes startin at the world championship in atlhetics in south ...
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Playing Dart with a Disability Has been answered Hello together, have you see a dart player with handicap? I no. Show the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDh9WWOFaKU&feature=player_embedded
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is there a sport only handicapped people can do? Has been answered hey, i am interested, is there a sport on this world, only people with handicap can do?
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Dancing with the stars Has been answered Hi there all I love watching dancing with the stars! Did you see that deaf dancer in the american version? Stunning! Anyway. When will they invite ...
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Tennis with wheelchair Has been answered Hello, can I play tennis with wheelchair? I think this is not good for the tenniscourt...
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Monoski to rent in Austria? Has been answered Hi there! I want to go to austria for skiing. They say they have the most beautiful mountains :wink: Do you know if I can rent a monoski there somewhere? ...
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Teamsport with wheelchair? Has been answered Hello, I would like to join in a teamsport. Do you know, which kind of teamsport can I do, sitting in a wheelchair? Thank you for your ideas, Roula
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Aaron Fotheringham in Paris Has been answered Hello, do you know is Aaron Fotheringham comming to Paris? I read the article about him. Sounds great.I want to see him!! Alix
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skiing in Austria Has been answered Hello, I want to go skiing to Austria. Where is it good? Bye from Italy, Augusto
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