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paul the cuttlefish Has been answered just wondering if anyone out there in the world knows paul the cuttlefish who foresaw all the soccer championship results.
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How pupular is German-Soccer in the World? Has been answered Here in Germany of course everybody is crazy about our team. But what is the rest of the world thinking about our soccerteam? Is the Germansoccertaem pupular ...
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Made in Spain - Made in Germany Has been answered Cheers Spain :-)
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who will win the world championship? Has been answered I guess it will be spain! what do you think? sarah
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anyone here playin wheelchair basketball? Has been answered
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Manchester United Disabled Supporters' Association Has been answered Hello football fans, i have a great tip for you. You already know the sports fans of Mancheser United? This works for disabled fans and offers a great ...
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Hows the mood in South Africa? Has been answered Hi, I am German. So here the soccermood is well... you can imagine... a little bit on the edge... but still full of hope. Hows the mood in South Africa? ...
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Soccer: Germany vs. England Hey folks, have you seen the soccer match Germany vs. England today? Do you think it would have made any difference if the 2nd goal of England had ...
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Scuba diving in Thailand for wheelchairusers Hi, just because I am funny today - is it possible to do scuba diving in Thailand if you are a wheelchaire user? I would so much learn to scuba dive ...
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Fifa Socca WM Has been answered Is somebody of you going to the Fifa Socca WM? I would so much like to go. But... well it's a dream! Is there maybe somebody from SA to tell a little ...
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