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Paralympics Has been answered Hello, where can I find informations about the Paralympics? Because I am from Greece, I am of course much interested in the Paralympics :-) I have heard ...
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play gold despite wheelchair? Has been answered HI I've always wanted to play golf but i cant go on the field with my wheelchair (it would kill the grass...) A friend of mine told me that there is ...
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Wheelchairsoccer in Netherlands Hallo, do you know, is there a wheelchairsoccerteam in the Netherlands? Bye, Nils
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Soccergame only for Germans? Has been answered Hi, I noticed on the Germanpage a soccergame. Is this only for German Users?
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hey does anybody know what wheel chair diving is? Has been answered read about it some days before don´t know what it is, sounds interesting
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Reni Sambl Has been answered Hi, do you know anything about Reni Sambl? He should be an Austrian sportsman with disability. I cannot find anything about him. Thanx! Chili
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NEWS: Irish paralympic athlete qualifies for European ... Has been answered Full praise to Irish man Jason Smyth for qualifying for the semi-finals of the 100metre sprint in one of the toughest qualifying heasts in Barcelona last ...
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Skater wheelchair??? Has been answered
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Hey I've seen this clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWJhF7yfnI4 Im wondering if hi uses a special wheelchair and if so there to get it? My ...
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next big sport event? whats the next big sport event for poeple with disabilities worldwide?
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paul the cuttlefish Has been answered just wondering if anyone out there in the world knows paul the cuttlefish who foresaw all the soccer championship results.
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