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Good day does anyone know about Cricket for the Blind? I would love to be able as an visually impaired person myself and represented my country at the Word Cup, to advertise and promote this lovely (unknown) ...
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looking for lesure activity friends have a mental disability and so its just hard to find any friends period so I'm trying this but not getting my hopes up anyway some of my hobbies/activity's ...
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Propose leisure/sport partnership. Hi All I'm a bit disabled man. I'd like to visit some interesting countries. I'd propose ping-pong, badminton sparring, traveling together etc. Feel ...
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Raw ART & sport Photographer Hi Iam disabled raw ART & sport Photographer from Prague in Czech Republic. I would like to find a Wake Brand for sponsorship & cooperate. And ...
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my name adetunji ojo pls help me i am hanpicap my name adetunji ojo or call me (+2348091676720
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Volunteering at sports events for people with disabilitires Hello! I hope that you are all ok! I am currently completing my university dissertation project investigating the motivations of volunteers when ...
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Winter Paralympics 2014 Has been answered Hi All, On the back of an amazing Summer of sport with the London Paralympics, already my thoughts are turning towards 2 years time, and the Winter ...
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History of the paralympics Has been answered Dear users The 2012 London Paralympic Games just seem to become the greatest paralympics of all times. But in the beginning, the the Stoke Mandeville ...
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with wheelchair into indoor pools Has been answered Hi! After years, i want to go swimming again. It’s been a while. In an indoor swimming pool. I know it’s no problem outside by wheelchair but indoor? ...
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Learn more about the Paralympics 2012 Has been answered Dear User We're almost there! The London Paralympics 2012 will start very soon! If you can't wait, use the time to learn some facts about the London ...
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