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I am visually impaired looking for employment in South ... Has been answered
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So many questions about my future
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My name is Sarah. I am thirty five, and have lived with Cerebral Palsy all my life. I can do none of my own personal care, so Mom is still my main caregiver. ...
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New Article: Company for people with Asperger's Syndrome Has been answered Dear Community I'm happy to present you our newest article, about a [b]Swiss company that hires preferably people with Asperger's syndrome because of ...
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Jobinterview incoming!! Hi I applied for a PR job and even get to the jobinterview which will be in a week. the lady on the phone said that my future boss might be suspicious ...
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empolyment in world Has been answered any1 knows how many disabled ppl in wolrd have job? are there statistics? can any1 help me with links? wd be thankful :>
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here is the article you requested Has been answered Edwins limousine is a small limousine company serving the southern vermont and western massachusetts,usa area.we do airports,weddings,proms,funerals or ...
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website question Has been answered i have started my own small limousine company and we have a corporate web page.we are having touble being found on google and other search engines.do any ...
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UN disability convetion in easy?! Has been answered Hi long time no see, sorry, im busy with my exams. I have to learn about the un disability convention but even though my english is fine i really, ...
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disabled children in public schools Has been answered Hi I've learned that in some countries disabled children always have to go to special schools for disaled children. that's outrages! Disabled children ...
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tell colleagues about disability Has been answered Hi, i have a question. How do i tell best my colleagues about my disability? Thank you for your advices, Sue
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