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disabled niece gets mobbed Has been answered Hi i am desperate! my wonderfull niece has a slight neurological disability that makes her twist her head sometimes and she sometimes speaks instead of ...
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clicking sounds for blind orientation Has been answered HI!! I heard about a amerian who is blind from the birth like me and he orientates himself only with clicking sounds. i know he gives lessons. where ...
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How to cope with rejection? Has been answered Dear users You've sent out application after application but you still don't get a job? What can you do now? Find it out by reading our newest article: ...
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where's the bil clinton article gone to? Has been answered I wanted to read that article about bill clinton but i cant find it anymore. wasn't it in the rolemodels? :'(
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where can i learn international signlangue? Has been answered Hi I am deaf but i have a hearing implant (the CI). But i like to learn signlanguage.I think it is the best to learn the international directly so ...
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Learn more about the Disability Employee Network of ... Has been answered Dear Users Dow Chemicals supports PWDs who are working at Dow. Find out more about their Disability Employee Network (DEN): [url=www.myhandicap. ...
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Newest article: Applicant Workshop Has been answered Dear user We have a new article for you! The Foundation MyHandicap and Dow Europe realised a workshop for disabled applicants to prepare them for the ...
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School in argentina for spina bifida boy Has been answered Hello I have not yet fully digested the fact that my son will be born disabled (spina bifida) but now another problem occurs: Our son was listed ...
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Hi, I'm looking for someone to narate my audio book. ... Has been answered Hi, I'm looking for someone to narrate my audio book. Applicant must be a male with conservative political views and be able to do documentary style c ...
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I am visually impaired looking for employment in South ... Has been answered
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