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Any advice of sorts in dealing with pent up sexual ... What, if any, options are there for someone in this particular situation?
Deleted user
Thu 18.07.2019 [06:04]
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Hello! (intro) Has been answered I'm 33, from the US, new to this site. I have Asperger's and PTSD. Is this an active board?
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marriage around the world Has been answered How is the situation about marriage in the world? What does it mean to get married for people with disabilities? is it positiv or negativ to marry? ...
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Meet for a cup of coffee or beer in Bonn Hello, I am living in Bonn pursuing PhD in computer science at the university here. I am looking forward to meeting lovely people from this forum for ...
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How many gay people do we have here? Has been answered I've read that there are "8.8 million gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons in the U.S" . Seems like a huuuge figure! Im wondering how many gay people are ...
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Looking for Gay men with physical disabilities Has been answered Hey everyone! I am a gay disabled men in San Francisco conducting research on the lived experiences of gay men with disabilities in society. I am conducting ...
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ma conjointe pense faire une depression, quoi faire ... Has been answered je frequente ma conjointe depuis 1 ans et elle est depressive, elle prends ses medicaments! la semaine passer elle ne voulais pas je viennent la voir sans ...
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Disabled rates for intimacy sex surrogate? Hi I'm Jim on the 5 6 quadriplegic complete looking for sex surrogate to establish healthy intimacy and better circulation through the body for I am bedridden ...
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How would a child with AS perception be to sexual ... I have a child in my care that where sexualy molested with intercorse. She was taken away from the perpetrator which was her foster father however she ...
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How to create an Organization in NY State, USA What did you do to help start this organization? I see a need with it as I work in a rehabilitation hospital. It made me think about this subject deeply. ...
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