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Psychological Matters

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can walk but has wheelchair? Has been answered Hi today i was driving my car to town and i saw a woman parking on a disabled parking space. Then she got out of the car normaly on her feet, took a ...
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Finding it harder to cope with my disability? A few years ago i didn't care about it, but as im getting older it seems to be taking over my life. Public outing's is never fun. I cant go to a restaurant ...
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does she have a anxiety disorder? Has been answered Hi a good friend of mine refuses to telefone. he can hear perfectly well but she does all her busines via email. if her friends want to call her she ...
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Mental Illness Has been answered Just thought I would start a topic about and for the mentally ill specifically.
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Two memoirs from the Gaebler childrens center Has been answered allegations of abuse are against institutions are almost cliche,especialy places where on must do something wrong to end up.however what is so different ...
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I was just wondering if anyone can shed some light ... Has been answered Flight concessions for disabled husband to Australia from UK
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A new autism forum Hello, A friend of mine has created a new forum for autism advocacy.It is asociated with compasion integrations in humbolt county california.The url is ...
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Whould you do a facetransplantation? Has been answered hi i am disfigured. i can normally breath, eat, see (in one eye) etc. but i feel ugly and unloved. im thinking about a facetransplantation. but the ...
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As a healthcare provider we are seeing my parapalegics. ...
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Messages to your loved one when you died Has been answered hi i came across this comic: http://themetapicture.com/tell-your-parents-you-love-them-while-you-still-can/ And I was deeply touched by this. I've ...
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